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and because we've just reached:


You've made us all so happy! The reason for this update is, of course, to give you a teaser of what we have to far and to apologise, so very much for the delay in getting this to you! We are writing it, I promise, it's just we're trying to make this special and getting everyone together in one place is difficult but!


dee_lirious; OMG. Okay, so I read the post and was like, "OMG, WILL YELLING AT FARM ANIMIALS, THIS IS NECESSARY".

likecharity; "DUDE, WOW. I can't come up with anything more coherent. You guys are awesome. ♥"

thisissirius; 100 MEMBERS. OMFG, WHUT. I dont believe it. People love what we create that much?

This is the beginning of the fic we have been labouring over for so long. We thought we'd give you a taste of what is to come!

TeaStainTheory; Introduction; Excerpt OneCollapse )
24 September 2008 @ 11:10 am
Hello! I just thought I'd make a quick post to let you know that we're still alive. XD

I'm sure some of you are getting a little impatient (with good reason!) and I just wanted to let you know that we've started writing and planning the first part, and we have by no means given up on the project already. It's just that it's taking longer than we expected, as none of us are used to co-writing and we're just trying to figure out a system that works. I assure you that there won't be this much of a wait every part, because after this we'll know more about what we're doing and we'll be able to do it quicker.

In the meantime, just bear with us. teastaintheory is coming. :)

And just as a side-note, we're still on the lookout for more Will/Skandar lyrics! And probably will continue to be for a while. XD At the moment we're specifically looking for songs about a new start, the beginning of a journey, something exciting and scary, or maybe just travelling very far away from home. These don't have to be Will/Skandar related at all. If you can think of any songs that fit that description, head on over to this post and comment with the lyrics. It'd be hugely appreciated.

Thanks you guys, so much. I'm still stunned by the number of members here and I just want to thank you all for sticking with us so far! ♥
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19 August 2008 @ 02:16 pm
Hello everybody, and welcome to teastaintheory!! We are totally stunned by the fact that we currently have 69 members (lolol 69) and I just want to thank you all for joining. OMG AMAZING.

We've already started work on the writing of Part One, but in the meantime, I wanted to ask you guys if you could help us out with something. teastaintheory is not just any old text-only fanfiction project. There will be art and music and other things that we haven't worked out yet will be a surprise. Because it's all quite complicated, we're going to occasionally need your help. We have a planning community, teastainers, in which almost all of the entries will be locked, but every now and then we'll make a public one when we want the readers' opinion on something.

(Just a note, don't try to join teastainers, you guys. It's just for the writers and other workers on this project, and if you joined, it would ~ruin the magic~. Or something.)

In this case, I'm talking about the music. We are compiling a giant entry full of lyrics of songs that we plan to use in the future for fanmixes, and, we need all the help we can get. We want to include a variety of music styles instead of just using our own tastes all the time, and we're sure some of you have 'W/S' playlists lurking on your computers somewhere, so now's the time to put them to use!

Head over to this entry and post the artists and titles of songs that remind you of Will/Skandar. Posting a snippet of the lyrics to give us an idea would be useful, but we can always look them up ourselves. Unless it's self-explanatory, it'd also be really useful for you to add on a brief note explaining why the song is so Will/Skandar to you. :D

The comments are supposed to be screened (so as not to ruin the surprise of seeing songs being used later) but I'm not 100% sure it's working, so if there's a mix-up and you can see other comments, let me know. Idk, I don't really know what I'm doing, bear with me.
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