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could be something...

tea stain theory

tea stain theory.
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tea stain theory;
could be something...
tea [n.] a drink made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the plant camellia sinensis in boiling water.
stain [n.] a discoloured patch or dirty mark that is difficult to remove.
theory [n.] a reasoned set of ideas that is intended to explain why something happens or exists.

welcome to tea stain theory. you're probably here to find out more about it, or just what the hell it even is in the first place. we can help you with that. possibly.

tea stain theory is a piece of slash fanfiction about the chronicles of narnia actors skandar keynes and william moseley. it is a work-in-progress. it is a multimedia project consisting of photographs, drawings, music, graphics, and, most importantly, a story, which begins with the filming of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe and will -- hopefully -- continue on through prince caspian and beyond.

it is the work of several people -- in alphabetical order, the list reads: dee_lirious, fiere, likecharity, moonythestrals, thisissirius and windingarrow.

it is lions and witches and wardrobes. it is fake snow and sugar bans, bruises and scars. it is pranks and laughing and making fun of each other. it is impromptu hugs after scenes, and massive amounts of unresolved sexual tension. it is video games and coca-cola and building relationships.

it is princes and mice and terrible accents. it is free-falls and losing control. it is a change in dynamics. it is losing faith, passing the torch and finding yourself. it is horrific fashion sense and falling off horses. it is securing relationships already made.

it is growing up. it is finding out who you are, trusting your heart. it is travelling the world, sharing hotel rooms, leaving doors ajar. it is kissing when alone, drinking tea in trailers. it is a journey.

it is tea stain theory.
credits: profile codes ¦ journal codes
affiliates: willskandar

So what are you both mad about?
SKANDAR: He loves tea.
SKANDAR: He's a big tea man.
You don't collect vintage teabags or teapots, do you?
WILLIAM: No, I wish I did.

-- from this interview

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actually i meant three, andrew adamson, anna popplewell, anna popplewell is omniescent, being banned from sugar, being so jealous, being-distantly-related-to-darwin, ben barnes, calling it confusion, careful-patterns-in-the-snow, conducting plans, eating silicone ("sugar glass"), funky advice, georgie henley, grandpa hourani, growing pains, hi everybody!, hotel room ust, impromptu hugs after scenes, industrial-amounts-of-turkish-delight, it was amazing, it-doesn't-mean-you-can-pout, james mcavoy, juggling fruit, kissing when alone, leaving doors ajar, mr. moseley, mrs-henley-aka-ginger-vixen, narnia, plans we can't remember, prince caspian, secret codes, seeming really retarded, sexually-charged bungee jumps, shouting at will, skandar keynes, skandar the walking imposition, skandar/will, staying out of trouble, succumbing to temptation, tea stains, the chronicles of narnia, the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrobe, theories, tilda swinton, video games, we'll always have prague, wearing each other well, will/skandar, william moseley, william moseley/skandar keynes